What is "holding-over" ? Can a landlord evict me for "holding-over"?

For people that rent month to month, with no set ending date for when you must leave, the landlord can end the lease by giving you, at least, 60 days written notice. If you have a lease with an ending date, the landlord must tell you 60 days before the lease ends, in writing, that he will not be renewing the lease. Otherwise, after the ending date, it continues month to month.

If the landlord has notified you that the lease will not be renewed, then you must move out by the last day of the lease.

If you do not move out, then you are "holding-over" and the landlord can go to court and seek to have you evicted. The landlord does not need to give any additional warning or notices. The notice that the lease would not be renewed is enough.

If you lose in court, the law says that you can be ordered to pay double your daily rent as a penalty until you move out.

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