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This is an online interview that guides you through completing a JP Court form for a debt action.  The filer is asked questions relating to his or her claim, and using the answers to these questions, the program automatically fills in the JP Court form, including the statement of facts.
This is an online interview that guides you through completing a JP Court form for a debt action.
A discharged/fired worker files a claim. The Department of Labor sends a form to the worker's former employer. The employer returns the form to the Department of Labor listing the reason for the worker's termination of employment. A Department of Labor "Claims Deputy" decides whether the worker is eligible for benefits.
Whether you use credit cards, a debit card, or cash, it’s easy to overspend during the holidays.  Consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising this time of year and feel pressured to meet their families’ or friends’ expectations.
We’ve all seen the ads on tv that promise financially struggling consumers that they can be debt free in just a few months or after paying only pennies on the amount they owe.  These spots are generally aired by debt settlement companies, some of whom currently charge large upfront fees that must be paid before any payment to clients’ creditors are made.    
Last Reviewed: 7/14/21
Student loan borrowers in default now have more options than ever before to repay their student loans. This site will provide you with information on the following loan programs: FFEL, Direct Loans (Federal Stafford and PLUS loans), Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Pell Grants, and FSEOG.   Contributed by: Federal Student Aid, U. S. Dept. of Education Last Reviewed: 7/14/21 Federal Student Aid - U.S. Department of Education
Bankruptcy Basics provides basic information to debtors, creditors, court personnel, the media, and the general public on different aspects of the federal bankruptcy laws. It also provides individuals who may be considering bankruptcy with a basic explanation of the different chapters under which a bankruptcy case may be filed and to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the bankruptcy process.  Contributed by: Administrative Office of the United States Courts Last Reviewed: 7/14/21
Instructions for obtaining a copy of your credit report.  Contributed by: Legal Services Corporation of Delaware, Inc. Last Reviewed: 07/14/2021 Click here to download document
Last Reviewed: 7/14/21