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Eviction If you are a tenant living in a property sold in a foreclosure sale, then the creditor or buyer must file a claim either for ejectment or possession to evict you. After a claim is filed, it can take as little as a couple of days, or as long as, a month or two before the tenant is forcecd to leave the rental property.
Right to cure a default
Notice of Default If you fall behind in the payments on your mortgage, the lender will usually send you a "notice of default" or "notice of delinquency" telling you that your payments are behind. A notice of default is often required by the mortgage. However, Delaware law does not require notice of default unless the mortgage requires such notice.
In Delaware, a mortgage is a lien against the property granted by the home owner to the lender to secure an obligation to pay the note. The note is a written promise to pay a debt (the loan). We use the word mortgage, it will generally mean both the mortgage and the note. When you fail to make required payments on your mortgage, your mortgage will be in default. Once you are in default, the lender can start foreclosure proceedings, and you could lose your house if you have no defenses.