Important Phone Numbers

Legal Help Link - Call for help with all landlord-tenant problems:
478-8850 or (800) 773-0606

Legal Services Corporation of Delaware, Inc.
In Dover: 734-8820, in Wilmington or Sussex Co.: 575-0408

Community Legal Aid Society, Inc.
In Dover: 674-8500, in Georgetown: 856-0038, in Wilmington: 575-0660

City of Wilmington Department of Licenses & Inspections - call to get a safety inspection of your rental home if your landlord won't make repairs (Wilmington residents only). If the conditions are bad enough, ask them about a "rent withholding account."
In Wilmington only: 576-3030

New Castle County Building Code Enforcement - call to get a safety inspection of your rental home if your landlord won't make repairs (New Castle County residents only outside of Wilmington)

Middletown Building Code Enforcement
MIDDLETOWN: 378-1171

City of New Castle Department of License and Inspections

Newark Building Code Enforcement
NEWARK: 366-7075

Smyrna Building Code Enforcement
SMYRNA: 653-3486

Consumer Protection Unit of the Attorney General's Office - call for help with all kinds of landlord-tenant problems throughout the state
DELAWARE: 800-220-5424

Conectiv Power Delivery (formerly Delmarva Power & Light) - call to have utilities shut-off
DELAWARE: 454-0300

Delaware Help Line - call to find subsidized housing, public housing, or heating bill assistance programs
DELAWARE: 800-464-4357

Delaware State Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service - call to get a referral for a private attorney if you are not eligible for free legal services.
DELAWARE: 478-8850 (ask for the Lawyer Referral Service)


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