About Us

What is The Legal Services Corporation of Delaware, Inc. (LSCD)?

  • LSCD is a non-profit organization that offers legal advice and assistance to people who cannot afford a private attorney.
  • LSCD works to give low-income individuals an opportunity to exercise the rights they have been granted by law. We are not a political or religious organization.
  • LSCD handles only civil cases. We do not handle any criminal matters.

Who Does LSCD Help?

  • LSCD helps people with low incomes and one of the problems covered by our services.
  • The exact amount of income depends on the size of your family, but if you qualify for food stamps, welfare, or other public benefits, chances are that you will be eligible for our services.

What Kinds of Problems Will LSCD Help Me With?

LSCD Handles Many Different Kinds of Legal Problems.

How Much Will It Cost?

Nothing. All of our services are free to qualifying applicants.

What Will LSCD Do to Help Me?

  • The attorneys and paralegals of Legal Services of Delaware will explain what your rights are under the law.
  • They will help you decide what you can do to address your particular problem.
  • They will help you solve your problem, if possible, by intervening on your behalf before government agencies and businesses.
  • They will even help you take your case to court if necessary.

Even If You Don't Think You Need a Lawyer, You Can Call Just to Ask a Question*

* Before Providing Any Advice or Assistance All Clients Must Tell Us. Their Income and Must Meet Our Eligibility Requirements

Bankruptcy Clients Must Pay Court Costs

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