Mission Statement

            The mission of Legal Services Corporation of Delaware, Inc., is to use the practice of law to help low-income families in Delaware.  We emphasize protection of those rights that are crucial to the viability of a stable family. LSCD addresses legal issues that threaten the economic independence of low-income Delawareans, so that families can live with dignity. We strive to meet this goal by working to protect families’ rights in the areas of safe and affordable housing, financial stability, and consumer protection.


            Legal Services Corporation of Delaware, Inc. uses a variety of tools in trying to reach the goal of maintaining and strengthening the family.  The legal assistance we offer to clients ranges from counseling clients who have simple questions and offering our community education services to negotiating disputes, or, where necessary,  arbitration and litigation in all courts.


            Our staff works to protect the safety and well being of low-income families by requiring landlords to bring substandard rental housing up to acceptable, legal standards.  We also operate within the judicial system to prevent homelessness by stopping landlords from illegally evicting families or otherwise forcing them onto the streets.


            Legal Services also emphasizes protection of the working families’ income and assets, which are vital to the survival of a family unit.  Where families find themselves in unfortunate financial circumstances due to events beyond their control, such job loss, illness, or the death of a family wage earners, Legal Services helps families exercise their legal rights to obtain a fresh start and regain their financial health.  Additionally, we assist clients in becoming smart consumers, thus enabling them to avoid unscrupulous or deceptive practices.  Where necessary, Legal Services works with families to exercise their rights as consumers and to protect their income for life’s necessities.


            We are guided by the principal that we will use whatever tools are reasonably available, to provide high quality, efficiently provided and effective representation to our clients in a caring a dignified manner and environment.  Where possible, we will work with and coordinate our efforts with other legal and social services providers, the Bar and Bench, to maximize and leverage our limited resources and we will strive to make sure that as many of our resources as are reasonably possible are directed towards the direct provision of client services, with a minimum of bureaucratic and administrative functions and positions.


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